About eMall-24
eMall-24 is a platform for providers to display their merchandise on an intuitive and user-friendly website where payments can be made in LBP, either through a secure online gateway or cash on delivery; packages are then delivered hassle-free to your doorstep.

Our business aims to help producers, artisans, traders and providers display their products and benefit from a great marketing tool as they reach a wide range of consumers from Lebanon and abroad. Our platform also features a section for luxurious pre-owned products, which further adds to the variety of products available on our website.

eMall-24 offers you a smooth and enriching shopping experience with intuitive and easy access to a variety of merchandise. You can place your order though the website, which sells both in wholesale and retail. Shoppers have the option of either paying online or cash upon delivery and have the products delivered to the comfort of their own home, away from traffic and crowds.

International customers are encouraged to contact us by email in order to know the price of the product in USD.

Our fast and professional packaging and delivery service, responsive and reliable customer service team, secure and trusted payment gateway, modern and user-friendly website allow purchasers to find exactly what they are looking for while offering businesses the best exposure possible.

Browse through our website and indulge in high quality and reliable products.

Welcome to eMall-24!